Surfacing for The Daily Mile

Surfacing for The Daily Mile

If you are looking to install surfacing for the daily mile, we are able to carry out expert installations to create the perfect pathway or track.

Running a Mile a Day

Running a Mile a Day

By running a mile a day, young children can better their fitness skills and overall wellbeing. We can install The Daily Mile tracks for your pupils to run around.

Painted Fitness Trails

Painted Fitness Trails

We can install painted fitness trails for the purpose of the Mile a Day Campaign. You can choose from a variety of different colours and designs.

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Surfacing for The Daily Mile

As experts in the surface industry, we can carry out the installation of surfacing for The Daily Mile to help improve children's fitness and well-being. A number of surfacing types can be installed for a mile-a-day run.

A number of schools have installed professional track markings to their existing playground especially for a daily run - they have also had tarmac painting carried out to improve slip resistance. Another popular surfacing type for a mile a day movement is rubber mulch and rhino pave. We can also offer multisport surfacing. For details on needlepunch please click here These offer a more natural looking pathway which children can walk or run around to complete the mile a day. If you would prefer to have EPDM wetpour rubber installed for daily miles, we could create a safe pathway for children to run around.


We could install pathway surfacing of your choice for Daily Miles tracks. If you would like more information on the surfacing for The Daily Mile which we install, please fill in our contact form. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you promptly with information on costs and specifications.

What is the Mile a Day Campaign?

The mile a day campaign is now being set up in schools to help children to complete a mile each day. This could be accomplished by walking or running on a designated part of the playground or sports surface. The idea is supposed to improve the wellbeing and health of the pupils. Making sure that children are physically fit and strong is really essential and also it plays a part in tackling obesity issues. Running a mile a day is an additional activity which isn't included with the compulsory Physical education course. It's been developed to improve the children's psychological wellbeing, together with all round fitness and happiness. It is really easy to start this movement for your school and it’s completely free to participate. In addition to pupils walking a mile a day, teachers and parents could also get involved simply by walking and jogging. Since it is such a straightforward task, it's actually offered to children of all ages and personal background.

Primary schools who've been taking part in The Mile a Day campaign have already noticed considerably better physical fitness levels along with an increase in children’s levels of concentration every day. As a result of a daily mile movement, the participants have got greater focus; it will also assist with learning and offering school pupils good chances to be successful in their lives. Virtually all educational organisations including nurseries and schools can participate as it's not restricted to any kind of age bracket.

Run a Mile a Day Near Me

Lots of primary schools have found this activity is becoming a popular activity because of its simple surfacing design as well as the benefits it provides. The walk can be finished in fifteen minutes during a teacher’s chosen time in a day. Nearby youngsters can get the benefits of actively playing in an outdoor environment and spending time with their friends. The local school closest to you will not need to shell out more money on any special apparatus to take part since it is just running or walking in a large open play area. Every child who gets involved will be successful whatever the finish time without having any boundaries for skills or age group.

Wetpour is one of the most popular surfaces for this program. To learn more about wetpour please click here Our team can install wetpour along with various other surfaces, so please make sure to contact us if you are thinking about having a daily mile track installed. 

The 'run a mile a day' program isn't executed to be a physical fitness evaluation, as it's not a part of the physical education course throughout primary schools. It is actually physical activity done to enhance cognitive skills and general health. By simply motivating the youngsters to be more physically fit, this will result in better overall health benefits. Being focused in classes has more significant educational benefits. This program offers the children a stress-free environment in which they may be physically active and appreciate some time in an outdoor area.

Rubber Mulch for The Daily Mile Movement 

Rubber mulch can be installed as surfacing for The Daily Mile movement; it's a product manufactured using reprocessed truck tyres. The truck tyres are crumbled to make rubber shred, the same as the overall look of wood bark pieces. We'll then combine the pieces with adhesive and lay them out onto the specific ground. Children’s recreational spaces and also other outdoor places can have this floor laid for a variety of purposes.

This style of rubber surfacing can certainly be laid on to a good number of pre-existing types of surface, which include macadam and grassy surfaces as well as their surrounding areas. The surfacing is well suited for any surfaces that have dirty areas that come unsafe in rainy weather conditions. Since the bonded shred shred is versatile, it’s straightforward to mould into designs and install around play area equipment. While there is no need to install ground works, the prices of the specification come at excellent value; this means that the cost to install your Daily run track can be minimised. Our business can present you with a quotation that is definitely affordable and contains everything you should need.

Bonded Mulch Benefits Near Me

There are a number of bonded mulch benefits. The surface allows rain water to pass through the ground, protecting against floods and waterlogging on the surface. This enables the floor to have minimal maintenance throughout the year, and it could be used continuously. This rubber mulch is specially created to have longer lasting durability and strength. Even in play surfaces that are used frequently, the rubber bark flooring is resistant against harm and wear. The shock absorbing attributes generate more effective protective features for the children. The surface is frequently installed to reduce shock from falling over when children use playground equipment and features. Furthermore, it generates an attractive and decorative solution for areas and paths.

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For clients seeking to build a versatile path, the bonded bark specification is perfect. Some other facilities will decide to put in the bonded rubber bark to produce soft paths for customers. Regular cleaning is sufficient to keep the facility free of dirt and litter. The cleaning can then stop litter from being stuck in the pores within the floor. It’s crucial to keep the area as clear as possible to ensure that it’s still safe for anybody who is using it. We canalso iffer repairs if the surface gets damages. Learn about the repair services we offer here For more information on rubber mulch surfacing for The Daily Mile movement and details with regards to costs, please fill out the enquiry form we have available.

Daily Mile Line Markings

We install Daily Mile line markings to create a track which the children can run or walk around. We apply high durability painted and thermoplastic markings to create the running tracks which might be used for the mile a day campaign. These kind of markings are generally applied to existing macadam surfaces and could be used for all weather conditions. Since we install these line markings and painted tracks in a variety of bright colours, children will find the daily run a lot more fun. We can create the fitness trails in a shape of your choice, so please do not hesitate to let us know how you want the track made. 

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