Impact Absorbing Surfaces in Banbridge

Impact Absorbing Surfaces in Banbridge

There are a choice of safety surfaces which we can install to provide impact absorption where there is equipment being used.

Playground Safety Flooring in Banbridge

Playground Safety Flooring in Banbridge

You are able to choose from a variety of safety flooring options for your playgrounds, which can be installed in a number of different colours.

Rubber Safer Pour Surfacing in Banbridge

Rubber Safer Pour Surfacing in Banbridge

If you are looking for an impact absorbent surface, we can install rubber safer pour surfacing to protect young people from injuries.

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Impact Absorbing Surfaces in Banbridge

We supply and install a range of impact absorbing surfaces in Banbridge BT35 6 for children's play areas, parks and public pathways.

These are available in a choice of specifications, with the most popular being wetpour and rubber mulch.

Our surfaces all meet up with the Q26 360 to ensure you are getting quality services.

We can discuss the different options available to help you decide which would be the best for your facility.

If you're looking for a more natural area, we recommend having rubber mulch or grass matting installed; these are great for woodlands and parks.

As leading marketers in the surfacing industry, we can carry out high-quality installations using premium products to ensure you get the best finish.

Our surface installations are guaranteed to last a long time with the correct maintenance, and we carry out repairs and servicing if necessary. 

If you'd like more information on impact absorbing surfaces, please make certain to complete the contact form provided on this page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


What is a Safety Surface?

The material lying beneath and surrounding swings, slides, monkey bars, and other playground equipment is known as a playground surface.

An impact-absorbent surface is usually constructed of wood or rubber and are built with aesthetics, kid safety, and/or ADA wheelchair accessibility in mind.

Professional Safety Surface Installers Near Me

We can install our impact absorbent surfaces under playground equipment as they meet BS EN 1777 standards, passing safety requirements for young children.

We are professional safety surface installers and will only make use of premium material so you can be sure the installation of your absorbent surface is carried out to a top-quality standard.

Our safety surfaces are also SuDS compliant; they are permeable floors that allow water to drain through easily.

The advantage of porous flooring is that children can play on the playground all year round since it will not get muddy or waterlogged.

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Alternatively, you could get more info on the impact-absorbent surfaces we install and details on costs by filling in our contact box.

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What is Currently Being Done About Playground Material Hazards?

There are various playground risks, including those caused by equipment, the environment, and, unfortunately, a lack of child supervision.

Playground ground surface covering that is not an impact-absorbent surface such as a layer of rocks, grass, gravel, cement, brick, and stone is highly inappropriate.

None of these surfaces protects a child's skin or limbs if they fall, and several of them aggravate the fall. Soft ground covering such as rubber and wood chips are ideal.

What is the Price of Playground Flooring?

The price of nearby playground flooring is affected by several different factors. One of the biggest aspects that affect the costs of playground absorbent surface is the type of flooring you choose to install.

If you're thinking about installing coloured wetpour for your play area, you may find this to be more expensive than if you were to have rubberised mulch installed.

We may alter our designs and specifications to suit your individual budgets.

For example, if you want wetpour installed but you want a more cost-effective option, you may consider a plain black background with coloured graphics installed rather than coloured flooring.

Another factor that can alter the cost of playground flooring would be the area size and thickness required.

Clearly, if there is a smaller area, the construction cost will be cheaper overall - despite the increased rates per sqm. Additionally, thicker surfaces will generally have a higher rate per sqm too.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your spending budget and requirements, as we are happy to talk through our specification and changes which could be made. 


Children's Safety Surfacing in Banbridge

Our local professional installers closest to you may carry out the construction of children's safety surfacing in Banbridge BT35 6 to create a fun and safe area for children to play in.

If you've got high playground equipment installed in your playground or surrounding areas, it is important to have an impact-absorbent surface installed.

The surface needs to be installed for safety no matter what the use. NEAP areas will need safety surfacing since the kids will need to be safe.

For more information on the NEAP surfacing, please click here

Our experts can install wetpour and rubber mulch in different depths to meet the Critical Fall Height necessary to keep the children safe if they fall off the playground equipment.

The CFH is calculated by looking at the sub base which the children's safety surfacing will be laid over and the height of the play equipment.

If the apparatus is very high, you will need to have a thicker surface installed to ensure the children won't get injured if they fall.

Our safety surfaces meet British Standards for safety, as this is essential when constructing a children's play area. 

What is the Material Used to Make Playground Surfaces Safe?

Our local experienced installers can install children's safety surfacing to create a fun and safe environment for children to play in.

It's critical to have impact-absorbing flooring built on your playground or adjacent areas if you have high playground equipment.

What are the Best Safety Surface Materials?

Here is a list of the top 5 best playground safety surface materials:

  • Rubberized surface
  • Synthetic grass (or turf)
  • Sand and pea gravel
  • Rubber mulch nuggets (or shredded)
  • EWF (Engineered Wood Fiber)

Impact Attenuating Flooring Near Me

We provide various types of impact attenuating flooring, which is great for various uses. The surfaces are available in several different colours, and the depths can vary depending on your individual needs.

Obviously, if you've got high play equipment within the area, you will need to get a thicker system installed to keep the kids safe.

We can work out what Critical Fall Height is required for your play area and will offer a competitive quote for the installation.

Artificial grass and needle punch surfacing are also available.

Although these do not sound like impact attenuating flooring because they do not have different thicknesses of rubber to create a safer surface, we can modify the installation so that the surfaces perform safety qualities.

We offer a shockpad beneath the flooring for these surfaces so that if children do fall, they will be less likely to get hurt due to the impact absorbing properties. 

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