Children's Play Area Flooring Maintenance in Ardintoul

Children's Play Area Flooring Maintenance in Ardintoul

We can maintain children's playground flooring to ensure that the surface is safe to play on and it does not need repairing.

Cleaning Wetpour Crèche Areas in Ardintoul

Cleaning Wetpour Crèche Areas in Ardintoul

We can carry out cleaning for wetpour crèche areas across the UK to ensure that the EPDM rubber does not become waterlogged due to contamination.

Maintaining Bonded Rubber Mulch in Ardintoul

Maintaining Bonded Rubber Mulch in Ardintoul

In order to maintain bonded rubber mulch, all you need to do is carry out regular brushing to clear the area of any rubbish; this will ensure the surface won't flood if it rains heavily, as the pores will not be blocked.

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Children's Play Area Flooring Maintenance in Ardintoul

If you are interested in having playground maintenance, we complete children's play area flooring maintenance in Ardintoul IV40 8 along with our installation services. We would recommend having your facilities cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure that the surfacing is safe for children to play on.

If the flooring gets contaminated by moss and algae the pores in the floor can begin to block; this would mean that the porous properties will be affected, which could cause the playground surface to flood or become waterlogged. For info on how to maintain artificial grass to prevent flooding and waterlogging, please click here Our specialists can come up to site to complete playground maintenance and carry out any necessary repairs. We complete our servicing at competitive prices and ensure that the playground surface looks as good as new once children's play area flooring maintenance is complete. 

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For more information on the maintenance services we provide, please fill in our contact form. As soon as we get your enquiry, one of our expert team members will get back to you with more details regarding how to maintain your nearby facility and keep it in its best condition. 

How to Carry Out Play Area Maintenance?

If you would like to find out how to carry out play area maintenance, please look at the steps below:

  1. Regular checks and cleaning should be done for playground maintenance - if there is any dirt or contaminants in the playground surface, they should be removed
  2. If any damages occur, they should be fixed quickly to avoid them getting worse
  3. Make sure the correct footwear is worn to prevent damage

Maintaining Wetpour Surfacing Near Me

Servicing ensures that any debris along with contaminations for the play-area surfacing will be removed to prevent them from producing concerns. If the debris is well set in, a power spray assistance can get rid of tough to attain dirt when maintaining wetpour surfacing. This wetpour product is completely permeable making sure the facility will pass water right through that will minimise any flood. It is imperative that you retain these properties in great condition to prevent any kind of tiny holes getting blocked up by dirt and contaminants. This might lead to floods during wet months, making the floor unusable. This could result in the establishment dangerous as it may result in slips and falls. If you are far too late with regard to servicing, don't worry because repair services are offered also. 

Sports Surface Maintenance

As well as maintaining playground surfaces, you will also need to think about sports surface maintenance. We can maintain a number of sports surfaces including various MUGA surfacing specifications. To learn more about MUGAs please click here There are a number of different sports surfaces and we shall let you know how to maintain all of them.

Our team also offer their very own maintenance services. This can include moss and algae treatments, decompaction, resurfacing and rejuvenation. We work hard to make sure the surface offer the same characteristics as they did when they were first installed. If you have any questions regarding the upkeep services we can undertake, please contact a member of our team. All you need to do is complete the contact form provided and we will get back to you right away with details on costs and the services we complete.

Another sports area which needs to be maintained is athletics facilities. To find out about athletics surfacing please visit this page Our team can offer the best athletics surface upkeep across the UK. We will provide you with details regarding how to maintain polymeric and needlepuch surfaces to ensure your athletics facilities are safe to use. 

Inspection of Play Areas

Inspection of play areas is important to ensure the safety of the surfacing is maintained. We recommend carrying out regular inspections of the wetpour in Ardintoul IV40 8 when maintaining the flooring to ensure that it remains safe for young children to play on. If playground surface gets dirty and the pores become blocked, water can build up on the area and make it slippery which could cause the children to fall over and hurt themselves. Additionally, if there are rips and tears in wetpour surfacing, children can trip over and may become injured. Our playground inspection team are able to complete servicing for play areas of all sizes no matter what needs to be done. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Rubber Mulch Preservation Near Me

Rubber mulch preservation can be done easily through regular cleaning. Due to the porosity, rainwater can move through the play-area surfacing and this prevents it accumulating and causing floods. What this means is it doesn't need a large amount of routine maintenance and it can be used all through the year. This impact absorbing flooring is made to be tough and strong, even in high usage places. For play areas which take lots of heavy usage, the glued play bark gives a strong and damage resistant option.


Open local public parks and nature spaces closest to you will quite often have the bonded rubber bark material laid to create a bouncy walkway between woods and grassy areas. When it comes to maintenance for rubber play bark, all it requires is routine brushing to eliminate dirt from the surface. You will be able prevent contaminations getting into the play-area surfacing and the surrounding areas because this might contaminate the pores and result in floods. To keep the surfacing safe, it's important to make it as clear as you can since this will prevent harm.

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