Playground Repair Companies in Shetland Islands

Playground Repair Companies in Shetland Islands

We are one of the best playground repair companies across the United Kingdom. We can carry out repairs, maintenance and resurfacing to existing play areas at competitive prices.

Repairing Play Area Surfaces in Shetland Islands

Repairing Play Area Surfaces in Shetland Islands

If your play area surfaces are in need of some repairs, we can bring back the original quality of the surface and make it look as good as new.

DIY Repair Kits in Shetland Islands

DIY Repair Kits in Shetland Islands

We have DIY repair kits available for EPDM wetpour rubber. These are used for minor damages which you can fix yourself.

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Playground Repair Companies in Shetland Islands

If you are looking for playground repair companies in Shetland Islands ZE2 9 because your play surface has become damaged, we are able to help you. We carry out repairs on a number of different surfacing types including wetpour and rubber mulch.

It's a good idea  to proceed on routine inspections on your play surface so you won't have to look for playground repair companies to complete big repairs. If a problem is dealt with quickly, you are able to cut back on costly repairs and resurfaces. If you have left problems to get worse over time, we conduct resurfacing; however the price of a resurface will generally be much more expensive when compared to small repairs. 


To learn more about playground repair companies, please contact our team using the enquiry form on this page and we will respond with a quote and details on repairs.

Rubber Surface Repairs

Often rubber surfaces, like shredded mulch will rip or tear over time. If this happens it's important to get the surface repaired as soon as possible to ensure it remains safe. For more details regarding the safety of rubber mulch please click here Rubber mulch can be repaired easily with the help of our professionals, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you'd like more info on playground repair companies and how we'll transform your existing area, please ensure that you fill in your details using the contact form provided. Our experts will get back to you as soon as possible with details on our rubber surface repairs and the costs.

What is a Wetpour Perimeter Repair?

A wetpour perimeter repair is needed if your wet pour edging has started shrinking. A wet pour playground overtime can begin to shrink around the sides. This can lead to the border diminishing around the edge, creating breaks all around the outside of the facility. This may turn into a major stumbling hazard for the kids which means that it’s imperative to do something about the issue quickly. Additionally without addressing the difficulties quickly it can cause more serious issues occurring helping to make fixes far more costly. We have a wetpour perimeter repair service in Shetland Islands ZE2 9 which is designed to help take care of these issues by filling out the spaces using your chosen EPDM rubber granules. We can provide you fixing kits so you can take matters in your own hands and repair it yourself. It’d be a great idea to have a large amount of these kinds of kits stored away in order to sort out any difficulty effectively. Developing a maintenance scheme set in place is essential to ensuring these don’t occur once again. These techniques dramatically improve the entire condition of the space over time. Preservation will also be sure that the item life of your surfacing is going to be lengthened. We easily mend these border issues in a totally different colour rubber to produce a border affect. 

Outdoor Play Area Surface Repairs in Shetland Islands

Our wet pour perimeter repair local professionals closest to you, additionally conduct routine maintenance services and tests to maintain your recreational area floor in the best state and make certain it's stable It's well-advised that you've a cleaning method in an effort to reduce the chances of being forced to have considerable restorations in the floor. The cost of upkeep plus restorations will vary due to the surfacing sort and amount or repair works as well as routine servicing necessary. For more information on the services our team can provide, please click here Debris, undesirable weeds as well as other dirt can cause contamination within your EPDM rubber floor; therefore it's advised that you will get rid off this without delay so that the drainage system will not likely become clogged. making use of a gentle pressure wash and then clearing the flooring regularly probably will be enough to avoid the surfacing near me from being contaminated. Rubberized mulch flooring surfaces could perhaps have to have a pressure cleanse to clear contaminants, and you will probably ought to reload your rubberized mulch shred after a particular space of time. To find out more about outdoor play area surface repairs, please contact our team.

Playground Surface Maintenance Near Me

It is vital to complete nearby playground surface maintenance and outdoor play area surface repairs straight away if the playground floor surface appear to become damaged, it will help to reduce expenditures for the difficulty becoming even worse. Marks and even stains a result of specific things like bubble gum can be taken off quite easily if they are seen promptly. Parts of rubber mulch surfacing can become loose gradually as a result this is crucial to complete needed servicing to stop it from distributing and impairing the entire surfacing. The lawn mat floor tiles can pose a trip risk once they start to raise, consequently it's crucial to frequently be sure that these are set up and also conduct any sort of maintenance as appropriate. If there is smaller sized areas of problems for your own recreational area surfaces or surrounding areas, we can provide fix packages which allow you to fill cracks and localised impairments to wet pour and also rubber mulch floors.


It is also important to get daily mile tracks repaired. For details regarding the daily mile track please visit this page Repairing daily mile and playground surfaces is essential to ensure children are safe when making use of the area. 

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